Network infrastructure design can be complex. With many factors involved, such as servers, routing, Internet access, cloud services, wireless, storage arrays, and remote access, today most companies have difficulty contending with the ongoing responsibility of managing their network. Dealing with day to day maintenance issues while identifying the best, cost effective solutions to meet their goals, and then implementing them in way that is undisruptive to the current environment, can often be challenging without the help of dedicated resources.

From designing brand new networks, to implementing new functionality, security or enhanced communications to existing infrastructures or simply answering the question, “Why is my system so sluggish?” DCtech team can help.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an innovative method of delivery and storage that benefits both small business owners and large corporations.

Cloud services provided by DC Tech eliminate the need for companies to buy and maintain their own hardware. Cloud computing offers access, organization, and storage of digital content through the web.

By using the web-based cloud, we provide a cost-efficient way for companies to do business. The cost of building computer hardware for information storage and hiring staff to maintain this hardware is then eliminated, reducing your bottom line and simplifying your processes.


One of the hardest IT assets for organizations to shop for are those that control employee access to software and other network applications. There are so many new technologies emerging all the time that it can be hard for enterprise IT decision-makers to pick which ones are ideal for their business. When choosing the solution that is best for a company, it’s important to look at a few key factors: price, functionality and security being chief among them. No matter how fancy and new a technology may be, if it’s too expensive, doesn’t work the way it needs to all the time and doesn’t keep information secure, there’s no reason to invest in it. Luckily, the search is over, as desktop virtualization solutions offer businesses all of the access they need with the management and security options necessary to keep critical information protected.

Remote Monitoring

DC tech offers our clients above and beyond the services you would receive with a typical on-site support staff. Our monitoring services run 24/7 to manage and maintain your network via a powerful Cloud service that works to effectively monitor the most critical functions of your network.Our remote network monitoring services are proactive, meaning that our goal is to identify any issues within your system before they create a problem. This approach helps our clients to save the time and money that network downtime would ultimately cost.